11” Enameled Grill Pan


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Grill in the kitchen year-round. The Marquette Castings 11” square grill pan is designed to improve upon other grill pan designs. The larger than average size makes preparing food for several people easier. The tall grill lines, leave perfect grill marks on your food and keep it out of any rendered fat that may cook off. The INCLUDED lid interlocks perfectly with the pan to improve heat transfer to the lid while pre-heating the pan. The lid can also be pre-heated on its own burner to more effectively grill from both sides at the same time. The main body of the pan was designed to be lighter and easier to handle while maximizing the cooking surfaces. The looped helper handle works well with an oven mitt. The semi-gloss enamel interior makes cleanup easy.

User and Care
  • Wash and dry before first use
  • For best results, Cookware should be pre-heated before adding food
  • Temperature safe to 1,000 degrees
  • Suitable for use on outdoor grills and smokers
  • Not recommended for cooking on open fires (like a camp fire – your gas range is fine!)
  • To Avoid thermal shock, allow to cool a little before cleaning
  • These things get hot – always use oven mitts to grip handles
  • Never leave cast iron cookware soaking in water for more than a few hours or put in the dishwasher
  • The Enamel is very hard, but it’s best not to bang or bump it too hard – let the kids use the other pots for a drum set
  • Do not clean with any harsh abrasives, this may damage the surface. If the rough side of the sponge isn’t enough, try a nylon scraper or follow the steps below
  • To remove light stains let the pan soak a few hours with light bleach solution (3 tablespoons of bleach per 1 qt of water)
  • For baked-on food, Boil 2 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Boil for a few minutes, then scrap it off
  • Some metal utensils can mark the inside, we suggest using other types or testing out what you have before you go whipping those sweet potatoes.
  • Any Questions? Please call 1-800-647-0081 and we would be happy to chat