Marquette Castings

About Us

Marquette Castings founders, the Steckling brothers, have been makers since before being a “maker” was a thing. Growing up in the Steckling house meant a lot of time in the basement workshop building all sorts of random things from rockets to robots. As they grew older, the building never stopped. The Steckling brothers have grown proficient in nearly all technical fields required to make amazing products. When they saw the opportunity to really improve upon the current cast iron skillet, Marquette Castings was born.


Marquette Castings founders have spent their entire life in Michigan and visited nearly every town from Alanson to Zeeland. When the trio had the vision to create innovative cookware designs using a classic material, Michigan’s Iron town was the first name to come to mind. The Lower Harbor Ore Dock is the inspiration for our shield shape. This iconic monolith is likely the most recognizable structure in Marquette. The Mountain shape within the shield does not represent Michigan’s diminutive porcupine mountains, rather the shape of iron ore stacked in piles. While we are not located in Marquette, all Marquette Castings products are designed from scratch in our Royal Oak Michigan Headquarters.

Eric provides MC with our strategic direction and oversees product development. He has become our resident casting expert. Eric manages our partner factories and has spent countless hours working our products from design to production. Ask Eric what he had for breakfast and the answer will always be the same: eggs in the no. 8 Skillet.

Kurt brings years of operational experience to MC. Kurt has been instrumental in establishing our processes and making sure everything is where it should be. He has created and oversees our customer experience process and has been instrumental in making sure we are achieving our internal goals – on time. While his hobbies lie in electronics, he also has a passion for simple iron.

Karl oversees all things internet from web development to marketing. Karl has vast experience with all things connected by wires with a background in network infrastructure and database management. He is the one who has all the answers for our technical questions. When he is not in front of the computer screen he is outside grilling meat, even in the winter.

Jason is driven by his focus on details, his eye for design has helped shape the look and feel of our products and communications. Jason keeps us looking good while exploring the best strategic distribution options for MC. He also leads our photo and video projects. When he is not fussing over details, Jason is usually touting the efficiency of his induction range.