Warranty Registration

If you have any warranty or service related issues with your Marquette Castings products please reach out to our customer service team via email at support@marquettecastings.com or by phone 810-243-1297.

Warranty Information

All Marquette Castings products are warranted to the original purchaser or an individual who receives the product new and unused as a gift from the original purchaser. Warranty will be terminated if a covered purchaser sells or transfers the product. Marquette Castings products are promised to be free from any defects at the time of purchase and throughout the life of the product, barring abuse. The warranty extends from the date of purchase through the lifetime of the product.

See below for further warranty information by cookware type.

Non-enameled Cast Iron Products: Marquette Castings lifetime warranty covers all non-enameled cast iron products. Please bear in mind that cast iron is unique and small flaws are normal, as a result of casting. If the flaws do not affect the performance of the cookware those flaws will not be covered under warranty. The warranty does not cover damage from abuse, neglect, abnormal use, commercial use or any other use that is not consistent with the instructions included with the product.

Enameled Products: Marquette Castings lifetime warranty covers all enameled products. The warranty does not cover damage from abuse, abnormal use or any other use that is not consistent with the instruction included with the product. Excessive heating is the leading cause of enamel cracking. Use caution to not overheat your cookware. Do not use over a wood burning fire or charcoal heat.

Damaged or defective products will be replaced by Marquette Castings, free of charge, with a similar product or one of equal value if the defective product is no longer in production. Marquette Castings reserves the right to charge a small shipping fee if the purchaser is outside of standard shipping zones. This warranty does not cover damages such as the cost of repairing or replacing other property that is damaged due to a defect in the product. Replacement with the same color cookware cannot be guaranteed. If you are seeking warranty please include proof of purchase, mailing address and a note explaining the defective product. Completing the warranty registration on the Marquette Castings website is the best way to ensure protection and can expedite the warranty process.

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