Enjoy your time in the kitchen

We Believe

- Quality tools should be 100% gimmick free. No chemical coatings, no useless features.

- Results are more important than convenience. We aren't looking for the easy and fast solution.

- Standing behind your products and supporting customers is the ONLY way to operate.

We Make

Premium cookware for people who enjoy cooking and are looking for the best tools so they can make the most of their time in the kitchen.

Our focus is on proven materials that preform.

How We Got Started

It started with a no. 6 Griswold. My wife and I had been
married for about 5 years and the Teflon on the pans we received as wedding
gifts had started to flake off. The search for a better alternative to aluminum
pans led me to discover cast iron. A little more research showed that the
vintage pans were much higher quality than modern versions. I picked up the No.
6 Griswold on Ebay and begun my cast iron journey.

After a short learning curve all the Teflon skillets were
removed from the kitchen. They simply weren’t useful anymore. There wasn’t any
task where I was inclined to reach for the warped and flaking aluminum pans.

As a lifelong maker of things, it didn’t take long before I
started thinking about how to make a better skillet. This ended up being far
more complicated than I had ever imagined. Its taken us years of to get our
cookware to the level of quality that we have now - and its been completely
worth it. As the supply of quality vintage skillets goes down, I am very happy
to say we have created a fantastic replacement for the next generations.

-Eric, Owner & Founder