Sneak into the kitchen of any top restaurant in the world, especially outside the U.S., and you know what you’ll see? Chefs are cooking award-winning dishes with carbon steel cookware. It’s happening everywhere from Italy to Japan to France and beyond - basically, the places people travel to because of the food! 

For whatever reason, carbon steel has been slow to catch on here in the U.S. 

We’ve gone for faster, less flavorful food, and our cookware is proof. Inexplicably popular non-stick does not hold flavor. Period. That’s not good for whatever you’re cooking because sometimes you want the food to stick. That stuck-on food is called ‘fond,’ and it’s where flavor is born.

How to fix this? Simple. We made a carbon steel pan that looks great, performs better than non-stick and comes with a handle you actually want to hold. Plus, you can save the beeswax - ours arrive at your door fully-seasoned

Frying. Searing. Sauteeing. Your Marquette Castings carbon steel pan will do it all. 

September 10, 2020 — Torrie May

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