Marquette Castings

No Shortcuts

Great-tasting food takes time.
And the right tools.

Delight > Results

We make premium, best-tool-for-the-job cookware for people who,
beyond necessity, want to enjoy every minute in the kitchen.

The Essentials

Cast Iron Skillet

Lightweight, great handle and perfect finish. A smoother pan with limitless possibilities.

Dutch Oven

The Swiss army knife of cookware and the last Dutch Oven you will ever need.

Carbon Steel Skillet

One pan to rule them all. And the way to go when searing steak and/or roasting vegetables.

13" Skillet

A super versatile tool in your kitchen. Properly cared for, it will outlast you!


An excellent alternative to the classic pan and a surefire way to feed a whole crowd.

Enamel Grill Pan

A genius way to replicate the characteristic flavors of outdoor grilling, sear marks included.

Materials and Finishes = Results

No chemical coatings. Ever.

Hand-made premium cookware, 100% gimmick-free. We only use proven materials and methods.

we stand behind our products

The Most Lenient Coverage. Bar None.

Marquette Castings does not play the blame game. We'll replace your cookware, no questions asked.

From the people
I own every piece that Marquette makes that is cast iron and the carbon as well and I think it's the finest cookware money can buy.
— Richard B.
Great skillet I love this pan and I know I can pass this beautifully crafted skillet down to my son and his family.
— Dave G.
There are few better choices than Marquette Castings. Their innovative design and build processes really do set them apart from the competition and the quality of their creations is second to none in both performance and visuals.
— The
The Marquette Castings griddle is going to be a wonderful addition to our kitchen. It fits great over two burners on the gas range and gives adequate space to cook a whole breakfast.
— David M.
This is a well-made and beautiful piece of cookware. Heirloom quality
— Anonymous
I love it. It's my first pan. I can say I'm in love with its a 10-star product. There's so many uses for this pan. Cleans up nicely.
— Terry S.