Finding the perfect Dutch oven for pizza might seem hard. Luckily, Dutch ovens are great for making pizzas with crispy crusts and evenly melted cheese. This article will guide you through selecting the best Dutch oven, from enameled cast iron to cast iron options suitable for your kitchen or campfire cooking.


Essential Features for a Pizza-Friendly Dutch Oven

To make delicious pizza in a Dutch oven, you need to consider its material, size, and shape. These features play a crucial role in ensuring your pizza turns out perfect.

Material and Heat Retention

Enameled cast iron is the top choice for making pizza in a Dutch oven. This material holds heat well and spreads it evenly across the pizza dough. It means your crust gets crispy on the outside but stays soft inside.

Enameled surfaces are also easy to clean, more so than bare cast iron. You won't have to worry about sticky cheese or pizza sauce leaving a mess.

Dutch ovens made from this material can handle high temperatures, up to 500℉ for Lodge Cast Iron pots and even 986℉ for Smithey models. Such heat capacity ensures that no matter how thick your toppings or dough, everything cooks perfectly.

Plus, these Dutch ovens work great on different cooktops – from induction stoves to open flames outdoors, making them versatile for all your cooking needs beyond just pizza.

Size and Depth for Optimal Pizza Baking

Most recipes do well in a 5-6 quart pot. This size is big enough for the dough to rise and get crispy edges but not so large that the pizza gets lost.

Depth also matters when picking your cooking utensil for pizza. A deeper pot can handle more toppings without spilling over during baking. This is great news if you like your pizza loaded with sausage, vegetables, or extra cheese.

The trick is finding a balance between too shallow, where toppings might burn, and too deep, which could lead to an undercooked base.

Shape: Round vs. Oval

Round Dutch ovens fit better on stovetops and in ovens than oval ones. They heat more evenly, making them perfect for pizza crust and no-knead bread. Most kitchens prefer round shapes because they match well with other cookware like cast-iron skillets and baking pans.

These pots are great for outdoor cooking too.

Oval Dutch ovens work best for long cuts of meat or whole chickens. They can go in the oven just like round ones but might not fit well on all stovetops. Some home cooks choose oval for specific dishes that need space to lay flat.



Best Dutch Oven For Pizza: Marquette Castings Dutch Oven

The Marquette Castings Dutch Oven is truly one of the best on the market. they have two sizes and are the highest quality dutch oven on this list.

So if your looking for a dutch oven that will last a lifetime and is also versatile enough to cook all foods, not just pizza, then give this one a look.



Pros & Cons of the Marquette Castings Dutch Oven

The Marquette Castings Dutch Oven offers several advantages and some drawbacks that are important to consider. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  1. Pros:


    • Heirloom quality ensures long-lasting use.
    • Versatile for various cooking methods, including baking, roasting, and braising.
    • Durable construction with excellent heat retention.
    • made of 3 layers of enamel
    • great price point for the quality


  2. Cons:


    • A bit heavy to handle
    • popular colors can be out of stock



    Best For Deep Dish Pizza: Staub Round Cocotte

    The Staub Round Cocotte is perfect for bread and pizza baking. With its exceptional heat retention and even distribution, it ensures a crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings every time.

    Features & Description (Staub Round Cocotte)

    The Staub Round Cocotte is priced at $299, offering a 5.5-quart capacity with a weight of 10.5 lbs. It features a tight-fitting lid and self-basting spikes to ensure moist cooking conditions and enhance the flavor of your pizza or bread.

    The cocotte's enamel interior and exterior make it resistant to wear, while its cast iron construction ensures even heat distribution for optimal baking results. This durable Dutch oven is designed for versatile use in various cooking methods such as on the stove, in the oven, or over an open flame.

    The Staub Round Cocotte provides ample space for crafting pizzas with desired toppings due to its generous capacity and depth. Its robust build-up ensures longevity within diverse heating environments, including conventional ovens or grills.

    Additionally, the self-basting spikes integrated into the lid contribute to maintaining ideal moisture levels during prolonged baking periods., providing an excellent option for achieving that perfect crispy crust every time without any hassle.

    Pros & Cons (Staub Round Cocotte)

    The Staub Round Cocotte offers exceptional features and drawbacks that are important to consider before making a purchase. Here are the pros and cons:

    1. Outstanding Heat Retention: The Staub Round Cocotte excels in retaining heat, ensuring even cooking for your pizza.
    2. Attractive Aesthetic: Its elegant design makes it suitable for serving straight from the oven to the table, enhancing your dining experience.
    3. Durable Enamel Coating: The enamel coating prevents rusting and requires minimal seasoning, adding to its longevity and ease of maintenance.
    4. Heavyweight Construction: Weighing approximately 14 pounds, this Dutch oven can be cumbersome to handle, especially when full.

    The pros of exceptional heat retention and an attractive aesthetic make the Staub Round Cocotte a compelling choice for pizza baking. However, its heavyweight construction may pose challenges in handling and maneuverability.



    Best Value: Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

    Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven offers excellent value for pizza-making.

    Its pre-seasoned surface and versatile design make it a top choice.

    Features & Description (Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven)

    The Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven is an affordable option at just $54, offering a generous 500℉ heat capacity. It weighs 13 lbs and measures 11.15 x 5.55 inches, making it suitable for various culinary needs.

    This versatile piece of cast-iron cookware features the durability of stainless-steel, allowing it to hold up against thermal shock and wear and tear.

    Equipped with excellent heat retention abilities, this dutch oven provides an ideal environment for baking pizza or preparing stir-fries. The deep design ensures ample space for creating delicious soups or steaming delicate congee.

    With its sturdy construction and sizable dimensions, this Lodge Dutch Oven is a reliable choice for any home chef seeking high-quality cast-iron cookware that can handle numerous cooking tasks effectively.

    Pros & Cons (Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven)

    The Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven offers several advantages and disadvantages for pizza making.


    1. Versatility: This Dutch oven is great for various cooking methods, including baking, roasting, and frying.
    2. Durability: Made of cast iron, it's highly durable and can withstand high heat levels.
    3. Even Heating: The cast iron material ensures even heat distribution, making it ideal for baking pizzas.


    1. Weight: At 13 lbs., it's quite heavy, which may be a challenge for some users to handle comfortably.
    2. Heat Limitation: It's limited to a heat capacity of 500°F, which may restrict certain cooking techniques.


    Best Budget: Amazon Basics Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

    AmazonBasics Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven is a great budget-friendly option. It provides excellent performance and durability at an affordable price point.

    Features & Description (AmazonBasics Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven)

    The AmazonBasics Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven is constructed with durable enameled cast iron, weighing 13 lbs and having a 6-Quart capacity. This dutch oven is ideal for pizza making, featuring a spacious interior and excellent heat retention.

    Priced at $54, it offers great value with its sturdy build and versatile cooking capabilities. The enamel coating prevents chipping and ensures easy cleaning, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen for preparing delicious pizzas.

    This enameled cast-iron dutch oven from AmazonBasics makes an affordable yet reliable choice for pizza lovers. Its large capacity and superior heat retention make it suitable for baking mouthwatering pizzas, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in the kitchen.

    Pros & Cons (AmazonBasics Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven)

    AmazonBasics Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven:


    1. Budget-friendly option for those seeking affordability.
    2. Good capacity of 6 quarts, making it suitable for cooking larger meals.


    1. The pot is heavy, weighing 13 lbs, which may pose a challenge for some users.
    2. Limited color options available when purchasing this Dutch oven.


    How to Make Dutch Oven Pizza–Step-by-Step

    To make Dutch oven pizza, follow these steps:

    1. Divide the dough into smaller portions for individual pizzas.
    2. Preheat the Dutch oven and sprinkle cornmeal on parchment paper to prevent sticking.
    3. Roll out the dough on the parchment paper and add your favorite toppings.
    4. Using the parchment paper, carefully transfer the pizza into the preheated Dutch oven.
    5. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is bubbly.



    Tips for Perfect Dutch Oven Pizza

    To achieve a perfect Dutch oven pizza, follow these essential tips:

    1. Ensure to preheat the Dutch oven and lid with briquettes on top and bottom to reach the required temperature for optimal crust texture.
    2. Use parchment paper if your Dutch oven does not have enamel to prevent sticking and aid in easy removal of the pizza.
    3. Monitor the temperature using a thermometer to maintain consistent heat throughout the baking process.
    4. Rotate the Dutch oven periodically during cooking to ensure an evenly baked pizza.
    5. Let the pizza rest for a few minutes before slicing to allow for settling and easier serving.
    6. Consider using heat-resistant gloves or tools when handling the hot Dutch oven and lid.
    7. Experiment with different toppings and combinations for a personalized pizza experience.
    8. When baking over open flames, regulate heat by adjusting the number of briquettes on top and bottom based on the desired crust texture.
    9. For an alternative campfire method, place coals beneath and on top of the Dutch oven's lid, creating an improvised oven environment for a unique outdoor pizza experience.




    In conclusion, the best Dutch oven for pizza can make or break your pizza game is the Marquette castings Dutch Oven , which really stands out with its superior heat retention, enamel finish and ideal size.

    But if you're looking for value, the Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven won't disappoint. And if versatility is your priority, consider Great Jones The Dutchess. Now that you know the top picks, it's time to fire up your ovens and create mouthwatering pizzas using these fantastic tools!

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