Slightly flawed cookware at a huge discount

Marquette Casting's Red Sticker Deals

The "imperfect" skillet

We've been selling flawless, US made skillets for years. Throughout those years, during our QA inspections, we've come across some skillets that aren't perfect. The imperfections aren't monumental - we're talking about a skillet with a scratch in it, a slight wobble to the pan or a carbon steel skillet with a blemish. All of these "imperfect" skillets are still 100% usable (and many customers wouldn't even notice the flaws!) - they just have a little extra character. We decided we were doing our customers a disservice by not selling these great skillets!

The Red Sticker Deal

The skillets below are still great pans that will cook perfectly and work great. But because of their imperfections, we're making you a huge deal.

  • 50% off all "Red Sticker" skillets
  • If you receive your skillet and decide it's too flawed, you can return it for a $20 fee.

(If you're looking for a flawless skillet, check out our products here.)