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3/21/2017 Production Update

To our Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers,

We have had a few questions come in about a few items we didn’t address in the update. Here’s all the details! We are getting rolling again on the 10.5” skillet after a few delays. Our first prototype had a few problems with the casting that prompted us to make some adjustments to the design. These included thickening the profile on the handle connection, making the filet between the pan bottom and walls bigger, and removing material from the underside of the handle. These changes were made were to improve the casting quality, not for aesthetic reasons – the look and feel remained almost exactly the same. To test our revised model we had a pattern created from a 3d print. In this process we can send out a 3d model for printing and get a print that will replicate the wax pattern that the mold will create – this is a really cool way to test-cast designs before the tooling is created. It is much better to have all these details worked out before tooling is created rather than try to adjust the tooling after production has started. Our partner factory was backed up and we got a little delayed during this process. To make matters worse, the ceramic shell created from the latest 3d print fell over in the de-waxing oven and completely ruined the mold. The 2nd try on this pattern should be arriving at the factory today. I am hopeful that we won’t need any adjustments to the design once we can see this test-cast. With any luck we can get started on making the tooling for the wax patterns some time next week. This process will take a little while. These molds are created from 2 blocks of aluminum that are a little bigger than the skillet and about 4 inches thick. Both sides are milled creating a cavity that is the exact replica of our design. Our rough estimate for mold development is 4-6 weeks. As soon as that is ready we will be able to start cranking out the world’s best cast iron skillet – just a reminder that no one has ever made a cast iron skillet with this method before. Thank you for your pre-orders – without them we wouldn’t be able to create the tooling for this skillet.