We love the Dutch. They gave us amazing beer, those wooden shoes and of course, the Dutch Oven. Because the Dutch Oven is made of enamel (just like our popular griddle and grill pan) there’s a few things to know to make this cookware last forever and perform at high levels.

First of all, don’t let their great looks fool you; enamel is more durable than you think. Stovetop, grill, or oven. It doesn’t matter what heat source you use. Plus, it’s almost impossible to hurt with chemicals because it’s non-reactive to acid and bases. That means it’ll always clean up easy.

It does have its Kryptonite - scratches. That doesn’t mean you should baby it because a little chip isn’t a big deal. It won’t effect anything about how the cookware performs and is still completely safe with a chip in it. In fact, if the chip - or ‘frit’ - gets into your food, it’s even edible.

Trust our ridiculously hassle-free lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with Marquette Castings.

September 10, 2020 — Torrie May

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