'Tis the season for visiting friends and relatives. Arrive empty-handed? You were raised better than that. And you know that nothing will please your hosts more, nothing says "we appreciate you" more than a hand-delivered, cooked to perfection hot dish. How to get it there, you ask?

Using Marquette's magical Dutch Oven travel bag, that's how.

Choose 1 of 3 ways:

1) Bag it

Spills, spoils, burns, or heat loss are the most common mishaps when transporting homemade food. The Dutch Oven Travel Bag was created and designed to address all of them: the heat-resistant material saves your vehicle from being damaged while maintaining elevated temperature around the dish itself. The bag also cradles your pot, keeping the lid on nice and tight. And easy-to-carry handles greatly minimize any risk of spillage.

2) Buckle It

If you are traveling with a less than full car, you can treat your Dutch Oven like the precious cargo it is and buckle it in a seat of its own. It certainly is stylish enough.

3) Box it

A box large enough to contain your Dutch Oven can be a great option for traveling with food. Be sure to limit space around the oven in the box so it doesn’t slip and slide in the box. The box method is ideal for traveling with the Dutch Oven in your trunk or on the floor of your vehicle.

That culinary masterpiece you spent hours perfecting in your kitchen does not have to remain confined there. Surprise your hosts. Treat them to the labor of love which you have transported with confidence, in its very own Dutch Oven travel bag. And show up with both hot dish and cool composure.



January 19, 2022 — Sydney Katzenmeyer

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