No. 13 Skillet - Red Sticker

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Light Iron
MC skillets are among the lightest ever cast.

Perfect Finish
Extremely smooth, yet holds seasoning very well.

Red Sticker Item

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Cast iron has been a staple in cookware for thousands of years – it just so happens that you are looking at possibly the finest cast iron cookware ever made. This will become your favorite pan. Our skillets are cast with thinner wall sections, so they are extremely light yet retain cast iron’s legendary searing abilities.  Our cast iron is made in Michigan with an ultra-precise casting process never-before used for cast iron cookware. No secrets here – we make the best cast iron cookware by trying harder than everyone else. Find out how cast iron can perform with a little bit of love and a lot of labor!

The Shape – Our casting method allows us to make shapes and thicknesses never before possible with cast ion cookware. The increasing thickness at the end of the handle keeps it from getting hot – even when the pan is at searing temps. Thinner wall sections remove weight where it is not necessary and make the pan easier to handle.

The Finish – Ridiculously smooth and ready to use right out of the box. Smooth iron is easier to clean and maintain.





Cooking Surface Size: 9.25"
Overall Length: 17"
Top Rim Diameter: 10.5"
Inside Wall Height: 1.5"
Wall Thickness: 3-4mm
Weight: 4.1lbs


Cooking Surface Size: 11.25"
Overall Length: 15.25"
Top Rim Diameter: 13"
Inside Wall Height: 1.75"
Wall Thickness: 3-4mm
Weight: 7.6lbs

Care & Use

Impossible to destroy, yet requires lots of love.

-Keep lightly oiled

-Clean off baked on food before adding more oil, try very fine steel wool

-Always dry after cleaning and keep it away from the dishwasher

Cast smoother. Cast lighter. Cast in Michigan

size: No. 10.5 Skillet


We make the world’s finest cast iron skillets for people who truly enjoy cooking and want the best tool for the job so that they can get the most enjoyment out of their time in the kitchen.

The Marquette Difference

Unique Casting Method
Its a lot of work, but we think its worth it

Easier Maintenance
The smoother surface makes seasoning easier to maintain than other cast iron.

Light Iron
Our unique casting methods allows us to cast lighter skillets than anyone else making handling and cleaning easier.

a handle that doesn't get hot

Stay Cool

By designing the handle that is thicker at the end, we can reduce heat transfer into the handle. Made possible by our casting method.