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No. 13 Skillet
No. 13 Skillet No. 13 Skillet No. 13 Skillet No. 13 Skillet No. 13 Skillet No. 13 Skillet No. 13 Skillet

No. 13 Skillet


When the recipe calls for big portions, reach for the No. 13 skillet. The big loop handles fit better in the oven, on your stove and in your cabinet. If you find yourself cooking for 3 or more people, this is the size you want. There is nothing this skillet can’t do. At 7.6 lbs. our No. 13 is the lightest 13” skillet available. If you like high quality products that last forever this one is for you. This skillet is smoother and lighter than any other skillets because it is cast with a better method. Made by hand in the USA.

  • Cooking Surface Size: 11.25"
  • Overall Length: 15.25"
  • Top Rim Diameter: 13"
  • Inside Wall Height: 1.75"
  • Wall Thickness: 3-4mm
  • Weight: 7.6lbs


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Dave G.
United States United States
Great skillet

Great skillet I love this pan and I know I can pass this beautifully crafted skillet down to my son and his family

Rick H.
United States United States
Pretty perfect

This is exactly what I was looking for. It has a good-sized cooking surface and it’s light-weight for it’s size. I haven’t found any hotspots, so it seems pretty perfect so far.

United States United States
Our favorite pan

This is now the go to skillet in our kitchen. It’s beautifully made, a wonderful size and is easy to season.

Marquette Castings No. 13 Skillet Review
United States United States
Fabulous Cast Iron Skillet

I was dubious of the price of the No. 13 skillet wondering if it could possibly be worth that much money. After using it, my opinion is that it is worth every dollar. The skillet surface has a smooth finish and the skillet comes pre-seasoned. However, I washed the skillet in warm, soapy water, dried it, and then put grapeseed oil on all surfaces and let it sit overnight. The next day, I wiped the surfaces of the skillet again with grapeseed oil and put it in the oven upside down, and set the temperature at 400F. I let the skillet heat up with the oven and let it bake for one hour at 400F, and then let it slowly cool with the oven. Then took it out, and lightly wiped it again with oil. It is as close to a non-stick surface as you can get. I have many cast iron pans, some of them nearing 80 years old, and only a few have the interior finish of this skillet. I have used it on the grill for smash burgers, in the oven for a baked dish, and for a number of other uses. It cooks evenly and the smooth interior cleans easily - what more could you ask for? The smooth surface and factory seasoning make it far superior to the commonly found skillets of this type.

United States United States
Wish I had know on about this pan sooner.

This is an excellent cast iron skillet! It cooked well right out of the box and it keeps getting better everytime I use it. I just wish I had known about these sooner so I could’ve avoided the struggles of trying to cook with other inferior options.