10.75" Carbon Steel Skillet


Handle That Never Gets Hot
Cast in solid 304 stainless and polished by hand, this handle is indestructible and extremely comfortable.

The Best Sear, Seriously
Measuring in at 3mm thickness, our pan is a bit thicker than most others. It's still lightweight and also improves the heat retention and searing power.

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    Its time to ditch your disposable aluminum pans for good and Carbon Steel is the answer. After we developed our cast iron line, we set our sights on building the best carbon steel skillet ever made, here’s how we did it:

    1) The Handle – This is what really sets our pan apart, It won’t get hot, is extremely comfortable and takes up less space in your drawer than that long flat steel handle on the other skillets. Cast in solid 304 stainless the handle is polished by hand and is indestructible.

    2) The Pan – Pressed from 3mm thick steel, Our carbon steel skillet is a bit thicker than most others. Yes, it adds a bit of weight but also improves the pan’s heat retention and searing power.

    3) The Finish – Most manufacturers coat their carbon steel skillets in wax to protect them during transit requiring the customer to remove the wax and season the pan before use. We don’t do that. Our skillets are factory seasoned with several coats of flax seed oil baked on, which means they are ready to go right out of the box.


    Cooking Surface Size: 7.5"
    Overall Length: 16.75"
    Top Rim Diameter: 10.5"
    Inside Wall Height: 1.75"
    Wall Thickness: 3mm
    Weight: 4.4lbs

    Care & Use

    Your Carbon Steel Skillet is ready to go right out of the box! You should always hand wash and allow it to fully dry before stashing it away in a cupboard or drawer.

    For more information on how to care for your skillet, click here

    Ready to use

    Our skillets are pre-seasoned and ready to go right out of the box.

    Why Carbon Steel?

    Because it's the best
    Carbon Steel is a staple in restaurants around the world because of its legendary cooking properties.

    Nothing harmful
    Our Carbon Steel Skillet is simple - just steel and flaxseed oil. No harmful chemicals or coatings to worry about.

    Made in Michigan
    Our skillets are made right here in Michigan and they arrive fully seasoned and ready to use right out of the box.