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No. 10.5 Skillet
No. 10.5 Skillet No. 10.5 Skillet No. 10.5 Skillet No. 10.5 Skillet

No. 10.5 Skillet



Years ago, cast iron cookware was made to a higher standard. Increasing production costs and pressure from aluminum cookware forced cast iron manufactures to look for lower cost methods. This change in production method resulted in the inexpensive cast iron cookware we see on the mass market today which is notably heavier and rougher than it should be. In order to cast this skillet to the tolerances and finishes we were looking for, we turned to a casting method called Investment (or lost wax) casting which has never been used before to create cast iron cookware. It is an extremely labor-intensive process, but we think it’s worth it. With the 10.5” skillet we have brought back the casting quality that existed years ago. If you could only have one pan in the kitchen the 10.5” Cast Iron may be your best choice. Cast by hand in Michigan

  • Cooking Surface Size: 9.25"
  • Overall Length: 17"
  • Top Rim Diameter: 10.5"
  • Inside Wall Height: 1.5"
  • Wall Thickness: 3-4mm
  • Weight: 4.1lbs


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Carla C.
United States United States

No. 10.5 skillet

I have only used it once but it performed exactly as I expected it would--just great! I've used my 8" skillet almost every day for about a year and it is awesome!! I'm sure the 10" will be just at good.

Margaret .

Great skillet!

Amazing! It cooks evenly. Food doesn’t stick to it. It is also surprisingly light for being a cast iron skillet. I also really like the fact that it is a local Michigan product.

United States

Great product

Just used it for the first time and made cooking scrambled eggs pretty easy. Clean up was really easy. This is my 4th product from Marquette Castings. Great company to work with!!

Tom S.

Likely the best cast iron pan you can buy!

I purchased this through a Kickstarter after I started getting into cast iron pans some time ago. I have owned and used the usual suspects including Lodge and other new "high-end" offerings from USA companies. I even tried one from an Australian company. I built up a collection of vintage Griswold pans from the 1920-30s that I treasure and are a pleasure to cook in. Based on my experience this pan ranks at or near the top of my list. I find the handle design near perfect. The sidewalls and surface appear to be just the right thickness providing light weight and even heat distribution. I am very impressed with the pan and reach for it early and often. I highly recommend it! I am planning on getting the 13 soon.



Just got my 10.5" skillet today. It's beautiful, just like the 13", but the cast iron handle is the star. It's similar to the stainless handle on the carbon steel pan, but with the same perfectly smooth and seasoned finish as the pan itself. I own most of the new and vintage cast iron available, and no other company has ever made a handle like this to my knowledge. It feels really good. I initially thought the handle was a little smaller than the carbon steel pan, but it appears to be identical. And I can't believe this pan weighs less than the carbon steel pan offered on this site. I like the trend of lighter cast iron and heavier carbon steel! I know I sound like a fanboy, but as I said above, I own a lot of new and vintage cast iron. I only buy American-made, and I will pay extra for quality products that will last my lifetime. The carbon steel pan got my attention, and the 13" skillet won me over. This pan is my preferred size, so I was looking forward to it the most even though it took the longest to arrive. I babied the 13" when I first got it, but the seasoning was perfect so I cooked onions on this as soon as I cleaned it up after receiving it tonight. If I have to list cons, like most, I waited a long time for this pan. But I have done the crowdfunding thing before and have waited longer for other products, so I didn't feel as inconvenienced as others may have. The quality of the product matches, if not exceeds, my expectations, which is not always the case when I've put up money before seeing the final product for other campaigns. It looks like the prototype, which I didn't entirely expect. Its perfectly smooth, with the exception of a single small burr on the cooking surface that I can totally live with. The white cardboard surrounding the pan in the box left marks on the iron that required a soapy sponge to remove, but I always use soap on a new iron pan out of the box so that wasn't an issue for me but I figured I'd mention it. Overall, this is an incredible pan and I see it being my go to for meals for 1-2. Definitely worth the wait.

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