Marquette Castings

3/21/2018 - Production Update

3/21/2018 - Production Update

Time for a few updates! Sorry for the gap, we had an update on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that never made it to this page.

All of our backers for the 8” 10” and 12” skillets in Europe should have received a request for address verification. We have begun shipping these and if you haven’t responded with your address, please reach out to We are shipping everything at this time except for the 10.5”

10.5” Update

We have one more trial run for the 10.5” before the foundry will work this skillet into the production schedule. Since we have already locked this process in for the 13” skillet which is much harder piece to cast, we are not expecting any surprises with the smaller 10.5”. The great news is that we finally have a complete system worked out, not just to make a few skillets, but to have a repeatable, consistent process for producing an adequate supply of skillets! Getting to this point has been a very long road and we appreciate the support and patience of all our backers! The Bad news is that the foundry is fairly backed up on production. Right now we are scheduled for a short run of the 13” skillet that will be done by mid-June. Since we are not officially scheduled yet, I know the 10.5” skillet won’t be ready until after that. Given this delay we are still offering to upgrade backers and pre-orders to either the 13” cast iron or the 10.75” carbon steel skillet. We are estimating to ship the 13” by the end of June and the 10.75” should begin shipping next week (last week in March). If you are interested in either of these options please reach out to the email address listed above.