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2/1/2018 - Production Update

2/1/2018 - Production Update

The shipment of 10’s and 12’s is here so we have put together pallets to ship out to the UK and Canada. Those will be heading out this week. It shouldn’t take too long to check into the fulfillment centers in Canada, while the trip to the UK will take a bit longer. We will be sure to send out emails before they are shipping out. There are just a few of you (IGG backers and pre-orders) who have not received a 10” or 12” skillet yet. Those will be heading to our fulfilment centers by the end of the week.

Leather handle covers are here! We have shipped out covers to everyone who backed one and responded to the survey. If you didn’t get one, please reach out to us and please provide your mailing address. If you didn’t back a handle cover yet, we will have them listed for sale on our website by the end of next week – we will be sure to send out a reminder email when the listing is active.

For those that backed the 10.5” skillet – we have switched partner foundries for this skillet. The previous foundry was having too much trouble (as you all have heard!) working out the production issues and we decided to move production to the foundry that is casting the 13” skillet. We dropped off the tooling for the 10.5” on Monday and hope to start modifications required to fit with the new casting system by next week. Since our progress with the 13” skillet has gone so much faster, we are estimating that the 13” skillet will be ready to ship before the 10.5”. Because of this, we are offering all our backers of the 10.5” skillet a free upgrade to the 13” skillet. If you backed the 10.5” and would like to switch to the 13” skillet that will be shipping sooner, please fill out the form below.

Upgrade my 10.5” skillet to the 13” skillet!

If you prefer sticking with the 10.5” size, we are estimating that the 10.5” will ship about 30-45 days after the 13” skillet. The 13” are going to through the casting process this week, we are planning on pouring by early next week. Here’s a list of what we have to get done before we are ready to roll into production on the 13” and carbon steel skillets:

  • Finish plumbing and test the walkin oven (for seasoning)
  • Finish production on the 13” packaging for the 10.5” and 10.75 carbon steel skillets are already finished
  • Build rolling carts for oven
  • Finish custom shipping crates

More updates soon! Thanks for your support.