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12/26/2017 - 10.5” and 13” Cast Iron and 10.75 Carbon Steel Update

12/26/2017 - 10.5” and 13” Cast Iron and 10.75 Carbon Steel Update

10.5" Skillet

After removing the shells off last week’s pour of the 10.5” skillets everything looked really good. The surface finish has been improved from our earlier tests by cleaning the excess oil off of the wax patterns before shell building. We used a much more compact sprue bar and the scrap rate was acceptable with this run. The shorter and thinner bar uses less extra iron per pour, which makes the process a little more efficient. We had no issues with no-fill or other pouring related problems. We still need to do the final cleanup, remove the remaining shell (visible in the pictures below) and grind off the gates. After that we will check for any deflection or warping. I will be stopping by the foundry this week to pick up and inspect these pans. The plan is to start production in January! We are very happy to finally be ready for bigger runs. It has been a long process and we greatly appreciate your patience. Our final step is cutting the gates into the tooling so we can remove the extra step in the production process of manually attaching the gates. My hope is to get enough skillets produced prior to this step to cover all of our backers and pre-orders as we will need to take the tooling out of production for a few weeks while it gets adjusted. Leaving the gates off of the tooling for the prototype phase was helpful, as it allowed us to test several attachment methods to see what would work best for production.


13” Skillet

Last week we were able to see the results from our latest prototype run for the 13” skillet. Given its size and thin wall sections, this is a piece that is very challenging to cast. Our partner, Jim, came up with a genius way to arrange these skillets, successfully pouring 6 at a time. We were very happy with how they came out and now that we have successfully proven the method, we will be moving forward with tooling, hopefully starting in January.


10.75” carbon steel skillet

We are very close to starting final assembly on the first run of the carbon steel skillet. We are expecting to get our rivet machine the first week in January. We have a short run of handles that are cast and polished and ready to go. We are finished with the first (1,000) pans that are formed and engraved. The only steps left are seasoning the pans and final rivet assembly. We are also starting on another production run of the carbon steel skillets that we will enamel. We have a supplier in the USA that is able to enamel our iron products. The finish is a semi-gloss and it is extremely functional – non-stick and easy to clean.

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Happy New Year!